The Mulberry Tree Pregnancy & Birth Support is a Winnipeg-based doula services organization, dedicated to providing support to women in the city and in selected areas outside of Winnipeg. Our professionals have the knowledge and the tools to help women in an personalized way that is designed to support their emotional and physical needs. Our training, knowledge and character is focused on providing a rewarding birth experience for each unique family.

Cody Anne Kjell is a Manitoba professional who is passionate about birth. In 2015, she started her journey with the DONA-approved Birth Doula Training program offered by Birth Roots Doula Collective. She has since become a member of DONA International and works as a volunteer birth doula at Villa Rosa in Winnipeg. Cody Anne also has degrees in psychology and education to help educate and empower at all stages of pregnancy and the birth experience. In her spare time, she works as a family support worker for children with special needs, which has reinforced her understanding of the benefits of both flexibility and dedication.

Cody Anne is a kind and compassionate woman committed to the pursuit of excellence. She is currently attending the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.