Will hiring a doula be beneficial?
    While every woman is different, having a doula present during your birth helps to promote a unique, rewarding and empowering experience for both you and your loved ones. According to the 2012 DONA International Birth Doula Manuel, evidence has shown that women with trained, continuous labour support were less likely to need interventions such as a cesarean section and vacuum extraction. Women with doula support are are also less likely to request medication to manage pain, give birth to an infant with a low Apgar score and also less likely to negatively rate their birth experience. The services we provide are uniquely tailored to each individual mother which helps to promote the most beneficial support possible.

How are doulas different that midwives, doctors and nurses?

    Every trained birth professional has their own role and responsibilities. Physicians are responsible for the clinical wellbeing of both the Mother and baby. Midwives are primary care providers looking after clinical wellbeing, while also offering intermittent support and comfort. The role of a nurse is to provide medical care as dictated by the physician, midwife, policy and procedure. Nurses also play an internal part in keeping the care provider connected while providing sporadic support to the mother. A doula is a birth professional who is a continuous presence throughout the entire experience. Doulas provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, non-clinical advice, guidance through the process and support to partners and loved ones.

I have a labour support person attending my birth, do I still need a doula?

    Birth is an amazing experience for both the Mother and her birth partner. However, birth doulas still play an important role even when another labour support person is present. Trained doulas are educated about the birth process and procedures. This knowledge they provide is valuable in guiding the woman through her labour and pregnancy. In addition, doulas play an important role in providing emotional and practical assistance to the labour support partner. Their training enables them to coach partners in the best ways to support the mother. No one knows the mother as well as a birth partner does. The presence of a doula allows the partner to provide unique care, without the responsibility of being the sole support provider.

If I have a doula can I still have the birth I want?

    Doulas can never guarantee the process or outcome of a birth. However, a doula will help facilitate the advocacy for the unique birth that you want. A doula will never push their views or expose their bias. Instead, they will help to facilitate the experience which you have dictated in your birth plan.

When should I contact a doula?

    Many women contact a doula at different points during their pregnancy. While we will work to accommodate all prospective clients, there are benefits to contacting us early in your pregnancy. Earlier communication allows for support throughout the entire journey, a more extensive opportunity for education and more time to build a relationship. At The Mulberry Tree Pregnancy & Birth Support, we realize every woman is different so please feel free to contact us at any point during your pregnancy.